What is the difference between a copier and a printer?
A copier copies another document and a printer prints a document created in your computer. Virtually all
the copiers and printers we offer are multifunction, which means they copy, print, scan and fax.

What options can I get on my copier/printer?
All of our copiers/printers are completely refurbished and we can add just about any option to any copier
or printer. Copy, print, scan, scan to e-mail, document feeder, duplex, fax, stapler/finisher, hole punch,
booklet maker, saddle stitch, large capacity tray, you name it. Additional cost is always less than you'd
expect, or at times, no additonal cost at all.

How soon can I get delivery?
We have many units in stock and ready for delivery now. If we don't have the machine you want in stock
we can usually find it and refurbish it within a few days.

What do you charge for networking or do I need to hire someone to do that?
Normal networking is almost always included in the purchase price. Ask for details.

How expensive is color compared to black & white?
The cost of color copiers/printers has dropped dramatically in recent years making color much more
affordable, especially with used equipment. Typically the cost of a color copier/printer is only a few
hundred dollars more than black & white.

Do you offer a warranty?
Each of our copiers/printers is backed by a 30-day warranty which covers all parts and labor. We also
offer maintenance agreements on all copiers/printers which includes a 5-year warranty.

What does your Maintenance Agreement cover?
The Maintenance Agreement covers everything except paper and staples: all parts, labor, toner, drums,
etc. Everything except paper and staples.

Do you lease copiers/printers?
We do offer lease options on all copiers/printers over $3,000. Lease payments are extremely low.
However, with the current lending environment you must be in business at least 3 years with "A" credit in
order to qualify.

Do you rent copiers/printers?
Yes, we rent copiers/printers, short term or long term. We also offer rent to own programs as well.

What brands do you offer?
We are brokers, which means we can find the best copier/printer for you at the lowest price. Some of the
brands we offer are Canon, HP, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Sharp, Toshiba, Ricoh (and Ricoh
products). If there's a particular brand you're looking for, just let us know and we'll find it for you.
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