In the mood for some scary fun? Looking for the best value for your buck? These Dallas
attractions are sure to please. Be prepared for thrills and chills. Screaming like a teenage
girl is allowed. And you might want to take an extra pair of pants, just in case.
We'll be seeing you.
Fatal End in the West End
603 Munger Avenue, Dallas
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Featured in Funworld Magazine
Featured in Dallas Observer

Experience movie-quality sets, exceptionally well-trained actors
and spectacular special effects skillfully laid out over 22,000
square feet in the lower subterranean levels of one of downtown
Dallas' oldest and most notoriously haunted landmark buildings.
The Dallas Observer says, "Will make your skin crawl for its own
life. Has the biggest rush for any terror junkie. Blood-gushing
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Moxley Manor
510 Harwood Road, Bedford
(682) 231-1313

Are you looking for Dallas / Ft. Worth’s most insane haunted
house? Then Moxley Manor is the place you want to visit this
Halloween season. Due to the horrific nature of the show,
parents are advised that this haunted attraction is not recom-
mended for children under age 10. What you should expect at
Moxley Manor are “live” actors, horrific scenes, gallons of blood
and lot’s of screams from tortured souls!

2615 Elm Street, Dallas
(214) 999-0708

A real nightmare on Elm Street. BEWARE: This Haunted
Attraction is Very Graphic and not intended or recommended for
children under 10 years old.

1701 E. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth
(817) 348-8444

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a dark attraction filled with
terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible
monsters. Celebrating its new Guinness World Record, this
intense, cutting edge, multi-story, multi-themed haunted
attraction is widely considered to be one of the best Haunted
Houses in the nation, full of chilling detail and unbelievable

4935 West Interstate 30, Caddo Mills

The Haunt House has many years of haunted attraction
experience put into it. The owner with 16 years and associates
with an average of 14 years. The Haunt House brings you all the
things that go "Bump in the night", all the things that give each
person a chilled fright, all the best of the worst that our minds
have to offer. From blood dripping halls to walk thru, to dismem-
bered bodies to run from, Evil grotesque images that will haunt
your thoughts. We know something you see here will stay with
you all the way home.

2921 East Division Street, Arlington

Boneyard Haunted House located in Dallas-Fort Worth features
the perfect blend of high tech effects and good old-fashioned
Blood-n-Guts scare tactics. The Boneyard has new scenes,
animatronics and movie quality props. In 2006 the Boneyard was
submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest
walk through Haunted House in the world. The Haunt was
measured at over half a mile long, beating the old record by 20%
and bringing the world record back home to Texas. Located in
the heart of the Metro-plex at 360 and Division across from Six
Flags. Fear has a new name: “The Boneyard”.

8225 Esters Blvd., Irving

A must-see hour-long journey for anyone who loves an authentic
thrilling scare – from hard-core thrill seekers to families and
adults of all ages!  Coming to Strangling Brothers Haunted
Circus is like stepping on the set of a horror movie. You’ll come
face to face with a host of freaky and unruly characters who are
waiting to take you away to another world – one populated with
misfits and eccentrics.

As you descend into 32 rings of terror… mysteries will begin to
unfold around you, and as you and your friends experience the
bizarre abandoned circus maze filled with mind-blowing high-tech
effects, legendary real-life clowns, cutting-edge animatronics,
innovative lighting, wicked sounds and ridiculous misfits &
creatures.  The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is a unique
and professional production totally unlike any other Texas
haunted attraction. You’ll find yourselves terrified in ways that
are exciting, unexpected and fun.
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Fatal End In The West End.