Coming of Age

Coming of Age
Haunted houses should no longer be confined to Halloween, agrees Bobby Lee, co-owner of The Fatal End in the West End in Dallas.

“I believe the year-round haunted attraction is to going to come of age,” he says. “This generation can’t get enough of it. They were raised on horror and dark entertainment. Their heartthrobs are vampires and werewolves.”

During the inaugural three-day Fatal End Valentine’s Day event, Lee’s staff handed out black roses to guests and took pictures of couples with monsters and posted them on Facebook, he says. The haunt exceeded its attendance goal, benefiting from a sizable amount of walkup business.

For promotion, monsters roamed the heavily trafficked local streets, giving out $3-off coupons. They even got approval to go into some nearby restaurants and wander from table to table. “It created quite a stir,” Lee says with a laugh. He plans to expand the promotion for future occasions by offering more package deals, like a complimentary Bloody Mary at the nightclub next door.

Lee will have ample opportunity to see if this idea works. He has a slew of events planned for 2011, such as April Fool’s Day, May’s Friday the 13th weekend, and Fourth of July weekend.

“There’s too much opportunity,” he says. “I hate having a money machine that you have to turn off for 11 months. It doesn’t make sense.”

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Scream for America
By Christina Mlynski, Dallas Observer
With Hollywood turning out flops when it comes to the world of horror, thrill seekers and gore
fanatics alike have given up hope on producers making a piss-your-pants-flick. Why wait around
for a true horror-crazed director, when the West End has the biggest rush for any terror junkie.
The Fatal End in the West End, located at 603 Munger Ave., promises blood-gushing
excellence during their haunted house tours this weekend.
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